Why, oh why
Do I feel like the ground, roughly getting stomped?
To be honest I dont know how much more I can take.
I don't want to feel
I don't want to try
I just wanna give up
I feel so worthless
Maybe I should just stop caring
If I stop, maybe I won't feel lost and betrayed 
I rather feel nothing than feel like the least inportant thing in the world to you
Tho I know that's like dying a little, I don't wanna feel anything anymore
I'm not your friend
I'm not your sister
I'm not your daughter
I'm my own
And I've lost to all of you
I know Im being selfish, but hey, you live what you learn
And I will always be in the background and laugh at your mistakes
I will still be here
And when you come to me for help I will say
"You weren't there when I needed you"
And then, as I know myself, I will help you with whatever problems you have
Because that's just who I am
And that's what I do
Tho I probably shouldn't
I do care
Because I ain't nothing like you
And I won't let myself drop to your level
//Cecilia M


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